Commercial law

JUVO is a law firm dedicated to entrepreneurs and economic law, which is why our motto is “Support for business”. For over twenty years, the JUVO team has been supporting entrepreneurs in developing their business, securing their interests and solving legal problems.


Our experience is many years of legal advice for entrepreneurs from the production, construction, transport and financial industries as part of their activities in Poland and abroad. We participate in negotiations, training and legal analysis at every stage of our clients’ activity, in particular through:

  • Preparation and analysis of contracts, orders, order confirmations and all general contractual conditions in the current activity of customers in relation to domestic and foreign contractors.
  • Analysis and consultation of leasing, loan and other financial instruments.
  • Support in obtaining payment security through, inter alia, transfer of title for security, compulsory mortgage, insurance of receivables, surety agreements.
  • Support in the field of claims related to non-performance or defective performance of contracts, including analysis of contractual penalties, claims for damages, claims for substitute performance, withdrawal from the contract.


The law firm provides corporate advisory services for domestic and foreign entrepreneurs. We provide professional legal assistance in the establishment, ongoing operations and liquidation of commercial companies. We work with selected notaries to ensure that where the law requires the conclusion of a notarial deed. Our corporate law practice includes, among others:

  • day-to-day services for commercial law companies, including: services for company bodies, drafting and updating contracts, statutes and regulations of commercial companies, verification of compliance of companies’ activities with applicable law,
  • creating partnerships, creating capital companies, branches, representative offices of foreign entrepreneurs,
  • representation in company registration proceedings,
  • merger, division and transformation of companies,
  • transforming sole proprietorships and civil partnerships into partnerships and capital companies
  • preparation of all kinds of documentation and applications to the National Court Register,
  • drafting and negotiating contracts between partners or shareholders,
  • resolving disputes between partners / shareholders,
  • examination of the legal status of companies,
  • legal services for the purchase of shares / stocks, enterprises and their property.