Consulting in the field of personal data protection is used by both owners of processing processes in organizations (managers of areas such as Marketing, HR, Debt Collection) as well as Legal Departments of companies that often need external support and opinion on key issues for the organization.

The law firm provides, among other things
the following services:

  • development of data protection policies (e.g. security policy, IT resource management manual, incident procedure, business continuity plan);
  • advice on appointing a DPO;
  • preparation of lawful consent clauses for the processing of personal data and the content of information obligations towards persons whose data is processed;
  • legal support during the control of the President of the Personal Data Protection Office;
  • advising on the legalization of personal data transfer to a third country;
  • preparation and negotiation of contracts for entrusting data processing;
  • advice on the flow of personal data in the capital group;
  • advising on the correct organization of personal data processing processes in all types of projects, including sales / marketing activities.