Whistleblowing – Protection of Whistleblowers / Implementation of a whistleblowing system

We provide comprehensive support in the process of adapting the organization to the requirements of the Whistleblower Protection Directive (Directive (EU) 2019/1937 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2019 on the protection of persons reporting breaches of EU law).
For listed companies, when designing the reporting system, we include “Standards in the scope of requirements to be met by the compliance management system in the field of counteracting corruption and the whistleblower protection system in companies listed on the Stock Exchange S.A., and we introduce pragmatic solutions in this regard.
The scope of our assistance covers the following areas:

  • Audit of current reporting systems, including the analysis and assessment of procedures for receiving reports on irregularities and conducting investigations, as well as applicable codes of ethics,
  • Designing channels for reporting irregularities in the organization,
  • Development and implementation of internal regulations related to the handling of reports
  • Implementation of an IT solution – the e-Enform platform enabling anonymous reporting of irregularities,
  • Development of an information campaign for employees regarding the implemented procedures and notification system,
  • Conducting trainings for managerial staff and employees,
  • Support for the irregularity reporting channel, support in assessing notifications and making decisions about the rules of the procedure.
  • Conducting internal explanatory proceedings.
  • Monitoring and supervision of the implemented whistleblower protection system.

We propose a model of cooperation when the client appoints a person on behalf of Juvo as a Whistleblowing Officer (WBO) / Coordinator for reports of abuse.
As part of the WBO function, the following activities are performed:

  • ensuring the performance of the WBO function by a person designated by JUVO,
  • receiving notifications,
  • dialogue with the whistleblower,
  • management of the notification,
  • conducting internal investigation.

The foundation of our service is the implementation of a dedicated platform for receiving and handling whistleblower reports.
Technologically supports us:

A modern, safe and proven Polish whistleblower system.
Feel free to contact us – we will be happy to answer any questions related to the development, implementation and ongoing maintenance of the system for reporting irregularities in the organization.